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I will not get rid of this blog, it's still my baby and I might return to it one day. But for now, I decided to experiment on Wordpress, so if you're wondering why I haven't updated that's why.


Monday, June 30, 2014

IGot7 Ep 6 Review

This week's episode continues to bring laughter as we watch the members play games again! The episode's theme is 'God of Luck' so the members will go through various games that solely involve winning based off their luck. 
First Game: There are 7 sticks that each member must hit on their head to see which stick is wooden, and which isn't. Very painful experience. Everyone picks a number between 1-7. A few members change with each other and some stay the same, mainly Jr who claimed he had a "feeling". Turns out, his feeling was right. It came down to Mark, Jr and Jackson. Everyone thought Mark would have it but nope, it was Jr. So Jr wins the first round while everyone else painfully hit their heads for no reason haha.
Second Game: This game was to blow candles out with their noses. Of course this is nothing new to the Korean variety world, it's almost like a rite of passage with idols to play this game! This game doesn't really determine their luck, it's to create the organization of how the next game will go. Mark ends up blowing out 6 candles, while Bam Bam and Yugeom come in dead last with none. So, Mark is the first to choose in the next game.
Third Game: This game is also quite simple. The members have to pick a box and sit on it. If they fall through, they lost, therefore only 1 member would have picked the correct box by sitting on it. The winner for this is Yugeom! What's amazing about this is that Yugeom didn't get the opportunity to choose a box since everyone went before him. He luckily got the correct box thanks to everyone else's choosing even though he lost in the 2nd game! AMAZING!
Fourth Game: Also, no stranger to this is the Chicken fight game. The remaining members fight each other to pick their order of how they will go on to the next game.
Fifth Game: Everyone remaining has to eat chicken skewers that are extremely spicy. Some skewers are mild, while some are extremely spicy. Mark, Youngjae and Bam Bam can handle the spicy so they enthusiastically eat the skewers. Jackson and JB unfortunately cannot handle it so they go to the final game to decide who gets the punishment this week.
Final Game: There are two bottles placed on a table that Jackson and JB have to choose from. One bottle contains mist, the other bottle contains black charcoal mist haha. Throughout the entire episode, Jackson and JB would constantly switch with each other in hopes of turning their fate around but that doesn't happen since they are left in the final round. Of course, they switch constantly this time and Jackson ends up with the charcoal lolol.

Good episode!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Roommate Episode 8 Review

We spend the first half of the show watching the members celebrate the World Cup for the Korea vs Russia game.  It seems that the producers mixed in new footage with old to make it seem more current and perhaps bring in more ratings.
It was really nice to see all of South Korea come together for the game, the country is very nationalistic but not in a overly prideful way (like America) and it seriously almost brought tears to my eyes. As we all know, the game ended in a tie.

After that we switch back to old footage of Bom in the Philippines, and Kang Joon and Min Woo going to meet Dong Wook at a photoshoot. While there, I kept noticing that Min Woo has some type of inferiority complex towards Kang Joon. It was evident at first when the show started, but now 8 episodes in, we can really tell that it's bothering him. Kang Joon always gets praise (he's realllllly cute, but he's got the babo image) while Min Woo occasionally get's the Oh yea you're handsome too but Kang Joon...And so at the photoshoot, he kept asking staff members who would they choose between the both of them to shoot a pictorial. And then, at the BBQ party, Min Woo gets jealous of the attention Kang Joon is getting after the announcement of him being a special MC on Inkigayo, he admits to being jealous. After they clean up, he tells Kang Jun that he felt disappointed in him for not introducing his friends to him. He's having to share his blankets with them that his parents personally made so the least Kang Jun could do was introduce his friends. I agree with Min Woo although, if he really felt some type of way about it he should've just introduced himself but in Korea, it's more polite for the younger people introduce themselves first. I think this is petty and that the producers wanted something juicy so they egged this on. Now it's awkward...

We also learn about Ga Yeon and her family situation so it's nice to see that everyone is opening up to each other more. Nana too shares her concerns. Nana and Soo Hyun go out to eat and for basically public recognition. Nana has been receiving numerous negative comments online about her behavior on tv. Nana has always gotten scrutiny but it's even more so now because she is not always respectful towards her seniors. She talks informally to them sometimes. And she can be narcissistic in certain ways. But I do think it's all just her personality. I don't think she intentionally means to act the way she does sometimes, however she does need to reflect. Other than that, I really like Nana, she's pretty and makes things interesting when she's not being rude.

This was a nice episode. They're all getting to know each other well (except So Ra and Seung Woo who don't speak to each other PERIOD). I can tell that the producers are desperate and are putting stuff together to make it interesting. It's nice without the forced lovelines but this can only go so far. Eventually this show will become completely scripted because someone has to win the couple trip (it might honestly just be Se Ho and Dong Wook). Next week they're bringing Baekhyun from EXO bc the producers are DESPERATE FOR RATINGS!

King of High School Episode 1-4 Review

I am in love with this show. Seriously. tvN has another hit with it's great storyline and cast! If you had any reservations about this show before, drop them because it's a GREAT rom-com already!
Episode 1
Seo In Guk plays Lee Min Seok, our main character, is a popular high school student that plays on the ice hockey team. The story starts off with him rushing between work and making it to school in time for his hockey game. However, for some reason, there is no clear indication of a time jump because we are thrust into the past showing how Lee Min Seok becomes a director at a company in place of his brother. His brother, Lee Hyun Seok is supposed to return home from Germany to work at Comfo, however he doesn't show up. He calls Min Seok to tell him to take his place at the company for just 2 months, for some reason he can't return home. And of course, this must be kept secret for his sake. Min Seok agrees and so the shenanigans BEGIN!

Lee Hana plays Jung Soo Young, a contractor at Comfo who eventually becomes Min Seok's secretary. She's a little quirky and...weird but cute in her own way. She's competent at her job but she's the socially awkward screw up, especially in front of her love Jin-woo. She doesn't know that Min Seok is a high schooler but their fate intertwines when she confesses her love to Jin-woo only to be rejected (awkward since those two just met) and drowns her sorrows in alcohol. Min Seok sees this and tries to take care of her. Later on, her drunken fits and unrequited love becomes a source of entertainment for Min Seok. We have yet to find out how Soo Young learns of Min Seok's double identity scheme.

Lee Soo Hyuk plays Yoo Jin-woo, son to the president of Comfo. He has a terrible relationship with his father. He's not right off the bat the typical rich jerk because we see he does have issues, but he does reject Soo Young rather harshly. Since he is supposed to be Min Seok's rival in the company we can see him as a type of antagonist in the future.

Lee Yeol-eom plays Jung Yoo Ha, Soo young's younger sister who is in love with Min Seok. She's crazy. Very clingy, but she's not Min Seok's official girlfriend. This will obviously complicate matters in the future because she is related to Soo Young for romantic and problematic reasons in general. She is annoying but her love for Min Seok is genuine.

The show already establishes the main and minor characters so you get to see each character's perspective in every episode. I am rooting for Soo Young and Jin-woo mainly because Min Seok and Soo young don't fit together romantically. PLUS he's 18, very awkward. I'm also interested in Jin-woo's character and how he will develop. This show is extremely funny, it's not over the top silly like how 'Witch's Romance' was. GREAT SHOW LOVE IT!

Episode 2
Min Seok has to balance and adjust to his new life now. He has to skip school in order to get to work but also portray himself as a genius to fill in for his brother. Min Seok is quite dumb. Therefore, when his colleagues find out that he is not Hyun Seok but rather his younger brother, they begin to have a hard time trying to cover for him. Min Seok of course doesn't make it easy for them. President Yoo likes his brazen and arrogant attitude but Min Seok's team members are dying. The interactions between them are HILARIOUS. This episode is mainly shenanigans and trying to cover up his identity from his high school friends and family, but of course it gets more difficult...

Episode 3
There is more character development here but of course more comedy as well. Min seok gets himself in a pickle by accidentally taking Jin-woo's idea during a project meeting. President Yoo likes Jin-woo's idea however, since he hates his son, he points out the negatives about his idea presented in a negative manner. Min Seok accidentally interjects with foolish commentary but President Yoo likes it, so Min Seok has to do a presentation over Jin-woo's potential project. GREAT. Min seok and his team members are of course reeling by this news and they have to come up with a presentation in a short amount of time. But the day he has to present is the same day as Min-seok's scrimmage game. He can't miss anymore practices or any games so this is a slight problem. The scrimmage game goes over time because of the referee's injury. So after scoring one point, Min seok quickly leaves and arrives pretty late to the presentation. He kills it however and everyone loves it. SAFE!!
Min Seok and Soo Young grow closer as Soo Young and Jin-woo grow farther apart. Jin-woo makes it clear that her presence makes him uncomfortable. Min Seok, like us the audience, ships them together so he tries to make opportunities for them to like each other however, he oversteps and hurts Soo Young in the process.
We see vulnerability behind the stoic Jin-woo and the socially awkward Soo Young so we can't help but pity them. At the same time though, we look forward to the shenanigans!

Episode 4
The pressure of keeping up his double identity is beginning to build up even more in this episode.
Min Seok's two best friends show up after being threatened by Yoo Ha at his company demanding to know what's going on. He eventually tells them without throwing a scene and to keep them quiet, HE USES THE COMPANY CARD TO BUY THEM THINGS. This scene was hilarious. They shop and eat EVERYTHING. Later on however, a man who works at Sehwa, Comfo's rival company, asks Min Seok to drink with him. Since his brother had relations with Sehwa, and you can't say no to a senior, he agrees to this. Big mistake. Min seok and his friends drink and noraebong with the director and it's bad. Someone from Comfo sees that Min seok is having drinks and relations with Sehwa...uh...oh...
A couple of days later, it's revealed that Sehwa stole a project idea that Jin-woo introduced. The blame is put on Min seok, causing everyone to worry about him being a spy. However, it's revealed that one of his team members is wrongfully investigated by Jin-woo. Min seok stands up to Jin-woo in a charismatic and sexy showdown, marking the beginning of their rivalry.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Upcoming Anticipated Dramas

This is the drama I am most excited for. The plot is new, the casting is great, and the title alone "Joseon Gunman" should hook you right away. 
Synopsis: The story takes place during the enlightenment period in 19th century Korea where the son of a great swordsmen loses his father and younger sister. While embarking on his revenge, he trades his sword FOR A GUN!!
This is the first time I've ever seen a sageuk using guns I mean this just looks AWESOME. Starring Lee Jun Ki who is awesome at everything in life. Airs June 25

Endless Love stars Hwang Jung Eum who plays a woman witnessing her mother's death. She too wants to avenge her mother but we throw in the mix Jung Kyung Go who loves her and his brother who also loves her.
The plot seems a little iffy to me but I love Jung Eum and Kyung Ko is all I need in life so I'm pretty much only here for the casting. Hopefully it doesn't let me down. Airs June 21

Fated To Love You is next on my list which is the Taiwanese remake of of the original drama. Very popular and a must see drama so of course anticipation is at a high. For those that don't know, it's about a plain woman (Jang Nara) spends the night with a rich man (Jang Hyuk) and she finds out she's pregnant. Yes the plot is typical, it's been done before, but the cast is what makes the drama. Of course I will tune in and so should you. It's also a reunion between Nara and Hyuk because they've worked together before and they are just the CUTEST. Airs in July

It's Ok, That's Love stars Gong Hyo Jin (she'ssss my favorite) and Jo In Sung (yasss) . Jo In Sung's character is a mystery writer and radio DJ who has an obsession and Gong Hyo Jin's character is in the psychiatry ward at a University Hospital. They meet and...there's that. There's not much on this plot at all but everyone is pretty much watching for the 2 leads. Hyo Jin has chemistry with ALL OF HER MALE CO STARS I ship her with everyone, so I hope the plot isn't too bad. Air date unknown

High School King stars Seo In Guk (he is hella busy) as a high school student who plays ice hockey at his school until one day he begins work as a company director instead of his older brother.
I'm not too sold on the plot line but I love Seo In Guk, he's funny, I want to see him succeed as a lead character in a drama this time so I will tune in. Plus, we need more rom-coms! Airs June 16

The Night Watchman's Journal stars Jung Il Woo (yay) and Yunho (absolutely not God why) alont with others as 4 night watchmen who catch ghosts...This too is a saguek and although the plot does interest me, I am NOT HERE for the cast. When they released the list of speculated actors I was so hopeful but then they announced Yunho I quickly gagged. I love him as a singer but not as an actor. I honestly don't want to watch it but hopefully they don't give him too many lines or too much screentime. PLease. Airs July

Trot Lovers
Starring Eunji from A Pink and Ji Hyun Woo.
Hyun woo plays a stuck up pop star who hates trot music (why it's great) meets Eunji's character who LOVES trot music and wants to become a star. They fall in love and blah blah blah.
I am not looking forward to this all that much, it's at the bottom of my list. But I really like the casting and Eunji's a great actress so hopefully the writers make this drama fun. Airs June 23

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Favorite Running Man Episodes!

Running Man will air it's 200th EPISODE TOMORROW in Korea! The show has lasted for 4 years now! I can't believe I've been a fan since 2011 since it is one of my favorite Korean variety shows. Like my previous post about my favorite Running Man episodes from episodes 1-99, I decided to do it again but this time, for 100-199! Although I haven't been reviewing many episodes lately or watching all of them, I still appreciate this show from time to time and thought that those that haven't seen any episodes, should use this post as a guide.

As much as I love this show, this past year has been bad for Running Man in my honest opinion. The show has gotten too redundant, boring, and involved too many guests. The producers have changed this show almost dramatically ever since it aired back in 2010. At first, they changed it to boost up ratings and bring a variety of guests. Then they changed the format and got rid of games they no longer play that audiences loved however. Because every episode is about a mission, we miss the interactions between the members. Running Man is just a platform to promote their guests, it's become a WHOLE lot more scripted, some games are boring, it's just...bad. I remember when I used to laugh an entire episode start to finish. Now, I chuckle here and there. Maybe smile, but it's not a whole-hearted laugh. Now I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. The audiences in Korea seem to agree as well. Ratings are dropping, they can't stay on top, it's filled with guests, it's just not the same. I hate this but I haven't watched every single episode that has aired this year and that's not because I was in France. It just simply bored me. Or I would start an episode and never finish it.
However, I still have hope in Running Man. It's gotten so popular internationally, I hope they continue, but I do know that this show will come to an end one day. So before that time comes, I will look back on the good episodes from this past season and I hope that episodes 200+ the producers stop the foolishness and change the format, because it's honestly starting to get boring.
Here are my favorite episodes:
Episode 100: This episode was so refreshing and funny and the missions were new and unexpected. Hilarious, a must watch!

Episode 102: I really enjoyed this episode especially Kim Soo Hyun. Hilarious!

Episode 103: I'm a fan of every Noh Sa-yeon episode lolol, she's great.

Episode 107: Hilarious love the guests!!

Episode 109: Awesome and hilarious!


Episode 118: YASSSSSS this episode was AMAZING, Choi Min Soo's conclusion to the grasshopper hunting lol. Please bring him back RM!!!

Episode 120: HILARIOUS!!!!!!

Episode 122: HILARIOUS OMG although it kind of winded down at the end but it started great and the first mission was TOOOOO FUNNY.

Episode 127: Great episode I just LOVE when Gary asked for the guests to get together with him on the weekends lololol.


Episode 136: This episode was hilarious and great because you didn't really know who would win and it was just overall awesome, I especially loved Haha here.
Episode 138: Everyone needs more Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin in their lives. I miss shipping them. Can we please bring this bromance back?? PLEASE? If you haven't, go watch School 2013.

Episode 140: This episode is def one of my favorites, it had a twist in it, NO GUESTS and you really wanted to know how it would end. GREAT episode.

Episode 145: This also is one of my favorite episodes. I enjoy these type of missions where it's Running Man vs a group of people. Hilarious and fun!!

Episode 151: Jung Woo Sung. All you need to know.

Episode 155: I loved this episode! The plot was new, the first time they incorporated "scary" into the show. I always wanted a horror themed episode where it wasn't too silly and actually stayed scary to the end. Although this episode didn't do that it was still funny and I enjoyed guessing how it would end.

Episode 156: 2ne1 as guests!!

Episode 188: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny plus I loved the 2 guests of course.

Episode 190: This was hilarious and I really enjoyed the missions. Plus, once again, it's a RM VS episode and I especially enjoy those.

Hopefully things will look up after the 200th episode, because after the start of a new season the episodes do end up being great. Here's to another 100 episodes of Running Man!!

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Back Home!

I have returned from studying in France! Hiatus over! Let the reviews begin!!